Wasn't it great to see our president leaving Walter Reed Hospital? I had wished him well; no one should go through that ordeal.

In my opinion, he should have stayed longer, and I am sure his hospital staff said the same.

Two items irritate me; first that photo op "drive around" that he just had to do. Then he proclaimed to America, "Don't be afraid of COVID."

Can we all imagine what the family and friends of the 213,408 who have reposed are thinking? This man cares for no one but himself.

John Trotogott


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Trump's health is now held in secrecy, no information on his recovery, or when he last tested either positive or negative. Walter Reed released Trump because Trump wanted to be back at our White House for photo ops and campaign spots on his invincible health. What is obvious is that with every dose of the steroid Dexamethasone, the side effects are obvious, we notice his aggression with his bird droppings, what invincibility! We wait to see if depression, psychosis. delirium, and mania also manifest. When he starts biting the furniture in the Oval Office, maybe then we'll know exactly how Covid compromised him. We can see how many he's compromised as his "herd mentality" policy has White House staffers falling faster than the fly on Pence's head. source: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/34-people-connected-white-house-previously-infected-coronavirus/story?id=73487381


And don't forget, he's the guy with his finger on the button.


Walter Reed is a military hospital. After calling U.S. soldiers who died in battle "losers" and "suckers," I would have been uncomfortable being in a military hospital too.

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