Why I’m voting: humanity, decency, and a future.

I’m a human being. Joe Biden is a kind, decent human being, whose empathy and compassion derive from his experiences of love and loss. The president mocks the disabled and regards empathy and compassion as weaknesses, not strengths that help a person govern wisely.

I’m a senior. Social Security and Medicare are not merely for me, but for coming generations. The president suspended employees’ payroll taxes into the trust funds. Peter DeFazio will never allow cuts to Medicare or Social Security.

I’m a veteran. Joe Biden would never call John McCain or other veterans losers or suckers for being captured, wounded, or killed. Joe Biden understands duty to country. Peter DeFazio has worked to protect our VA and individual veterans through his remarkable constituent services.

I’m a retired physician. I value science, including public health. Kat Stone is a nurse who engages with public health issues daily. In this time of pandemic, she will serve us far better than any sod farmer. I’m voting for Joe Biden and Jeff Merkley, because starting in January we are going to have to rebuild the CDC, NIH, FDA, and myriad agencies impacting our health and security. Our national security apparatus has similarly been crippled by President Donald Trump’s bending it to his — and Russia’s — interests.

I care about the future: I was able to dive magnificent coral reefs, climb on glaciers, and see thousands of species currently imperiled by climate change. I know that children alive now, and their children, already have lost a world as lovely as the one I was born into, and they will wind up with a disastrously hot, acidic and nasty world if deniers and cynics rule.

Don't let them.

Vote Democratic, from Biden on down. For humanity, decency, and a future.

Joseph Yetter


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