On the ballot is a question asking if Douglas County should research joining Idaho. You should research some things about Idaho before answering yes.

Idaho has a sales tax of 6%, plus local areas can add up to 3% for a total of 9% sales tax. In these times of financial need by the local government, do you think our county will not add 3%?If I was a commissioner, I would.

Another factor to think about is that if you are a disabled veteran, you will lose benefits that you can apply for in Oregon but you may not be able to apply for in Idaho. Only veterans with a 100% service-connected disability rating can apply for disabled veterans plates, and anyone with 99% or less would have to pay for plates annually at a cost of between $45 to $69 a year. Also, you would lose the break disabled veterans could get on property tax unless you are 100% disabled. In Oregon, you get a break, even if you are not 100% disabled.

Lastly, do you believe our county commissioners or our sheriff would take away your guns? I don't believe they would violate anyone's Second Amendment rights unless you did something stupid and illegal.

So are the benefits of joining Idaho worth it? I do not think so, and I urge all disabled veterans to say no. And for those of you that want to pay 9% taxes on everything you buy, I hear Boise is looking for more residents.

David Grotkin


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Douglas County commissioners made the choice to waste taxpayer's money to put this question on the ballot after NOT doing it the right way by gathering enough signatures.

Does anyone really think there is the slightest likelihood the respective legislatures from Oregon and Idaho would agree to move Douglas County to Idaho in our lifetime? This is nothing more than our County Commissioners using our taxpayer funded resources to make a political statement and should be illegal.



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