Choosing public servants is a serious responsibility. Choosing wisely is difficult. Anyone we elect to public office ought to the the most qualified and conscientious person we can find.

Those who get elected have their part to do to hold up their end of the agreement. Being responsible means learning all there is to know about an issue, and it means working to collaborate with other elected officials to form policy.

This is why I support Kat Stone for State Senate District 1. She's responsible, she's informed and she has the grit to do the job.

And, she's not a quitter who will storm off the job in a fit of pique if she doesn't like what's on the agenda that day.

Government can be, and should be, used to help all people. Kat Stone believes this, and she's willing to do the work — the hard work — that is necessary to represent us.

John Aschim


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