Approximately 36,191 Oregonians died in 2018 according to the Oregon Public Health Authority website, according to the most current scientific data the agency shows.

Of those, 8,161 deaths were from malignant neoplasms, and 6,814 were from heart disease. The No. 3 cause of death was unintended injuries at 2,067. Cerebrovascular disease killed 2,027. The fifth most common cause of death was chronic lower respiratory disease with 1,919 cases.

Each day, talking heads on the news shows and our print media tell us how many cases there are of the deadly corona virus, in our county, our state, America and the world. October 16, 2020 the News Review said four Douglas County people have died from the deadly COVID-19 along with 611 deaths state wide.

Of those 36,191 deaths in Oregon two years ago, the flu wasn't even in the top five causes of mortality. The coronavirus has been around a long time. Oregon received $1.39 billion dollars from the federal government for COVID-19 relief. That seems like a whole lot of money. Where has it gone?

CHI-Mercy Medical Center is not overwhelmed by COVID-19 clients. The homeless who are, by definition, unable to stay home and be safe, aren't dying in mass. Why do we count cases and trace contacts of COVID-19? Is that a wise use of time and money? Is that standard practice? We certainly don't follow that practice for HIV. Another item on the Oregon Public Health Authority website that isn't shown in mortality statistics is the number of abortions. One of Kate Brown's essential services.

Living in fear is a choice. Protect those at risk for disease. We are socially isolating some of our most vulnerable. The elderly in nursing homes are bearing the brunt of this "pandemic." Children unable to play and attend school are being taught to live in fear. This is an injustice.

R.W. Stevenson


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"The coronavirus has been around a long time. "--Uh, no.

And putting the word pandemic in quotes does not make it less real: it *is* a pandemic. And it is growing: Yesterday, the number of new cases in the U.S. hit a new high; yesterday, the number of new cases in the world also hit a new high. Deaths tend to lag diagnoses by about three weeks (on a population basis); I expect we will hit record deaths in a month or so.

IHME projects 400,000 deaths in U.S. by end of February, 500,000+ if we ease off of restrictions.

Oregon is doing well, relative to other states, right now--your numbers reflect this. Other states, particularly where measures have been lax, are faring far worse; if North Dakota were a country, it would have the worst outbreak in the world. For now, though: the U.S. has the worst. And we've turned the corner. Up.


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