It seems like the citizens of Oregon are getting a little sloppy in slowing the spread of the virus and are numbers are beginning to rise. If you don't want to follow common sense, then it appears that you have no common sense.

Since you seem to have no common sense, then move to Florida. The state's governor has opened everything up. This includes the bars and restaurants at full capacity. He has restricted local government leaders from doing anything about it.

Feel free to move there, but do the rest of us a favor and don't come back. We can live without you.

George Weston

Myrtle Creek

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MoscowMike and CommieJoe making their America hating presence known. I don't remember all this craziness when I had the Swine Flu in 2009. Maybe because it was a Demoncrat in office?


Bush was also President in 2009.


Swine Flu killed fewer than 13,000 Americans. So far, Covid has killed over 210,00. Maybe because there's now a republican in office? I hope the President and First Lady recover well, as well as the numerous officials and staff who have been diagnosed since the outdoor Rose Garden event. i don't wish covid on anyone.




Commissioner Boice claimed during his recent radio station interview that he would NOT enforce Governor Kate Brown’s coronavirus restrictions, stating, “We weren’t interested in enforcing state mandates…as a county, we AREN’T willing to enforce this mask thing” and “Its NEVER been the Sheriff’s role to enforce public health mandates.”


Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice was interviewed on radio (below link) about coronavirus restrictions and can be heard saying, “Some folks don’t want to wear a mask…I COMMEND a lot of those folks.”


*More* than a little sloppy, I'd say; defiant, rather like an oppositional defiant child. I wonder who has modeled *that* behavior.

Four out of the eight signs and symptoms to meet the diagnostic threshold for oppositional defiant disorder. These symptoms include:

Often loses temper

Is often touchy or easily annoyed

Is often angry and resentful

Often argues with authority figures

Often actively defies or refuses to comply with requests from authority figures or with rules

Often deliberately annoys others

Often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior

Has been spiteful or vindictive at least twice within the past 6 months

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