Election results should be by popular vote rather than electoral vote. States have the ability to select popular vote as the election process.

Oregon is already supporting to change how the president is elected. We are one of 14 states that is part of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which allows states to award all of their electoral votes in a presidential election to the winner of the popular vote.

Voting by popular vote, rather than electoral votes, takes all votes to determine who is president so everyone's vote counts. I think each of us would want his/her vote to really count.

Diana Pace


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CommieJoe and MoscowMike would love that! The UNITED STATES is a union of states and every state should have representation. The Left would LOVE to fundamentally change our country, and getting rid of the electoral college would be the best way to do it. They already impose their will on our children through the educational system, control our entertainment through Hollywood and control our information through the news and social media. Now they want to steal our vote. I say NO! I will continue to stand up for what is right, and will continue to push back against the America hating Leftists!!


No Electoral College would mean 5 states would elect our President and the heck with the other 45. This is the reason for the college in the first place so all states have a say. I for one don't want to be controlled by states like Ca., NY, Illinois and others, look at them they are in ruin.


I don't believe your statement to be entirely true. The number of electoral college votes each state currently has is allocated based mostly on that states population. That's why California has 55 electoral votes and Oregon has 7. Much of the controversy evolves around how states award their electoral votes. Not all states award their electoral votes the same. Some state electors can award their votes to the loser of that states popular vote. While other states require state electors to award their votes to the states popular vote winner.


MoscowMike- instead of trying to change our nation into a Socialist country, why don't you just move to one? You're not one of those Latte Liberals are you?


If the Electoral College is eliminated - then the only people who need to vote are those who live in LA, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City. Period. Every election would be determined by that population.


If we get rid of the electoral college, you may also consider getting rid of the Supreme Court. The U.S. is the only democratic country in the world where a bunch of elitists (not unlike a politburo) unanswerable to voters are allowed to determine laws everyone else must live by. Our elected officials are trusted with making changes to the constitution. We should also rely on those same elected officials to impose statutes rather than relying on the Supreme Court. At least voters would have a say in the matter. Isn't that what a democratic republic is all about?

You may find it interesting that Supreme Court Justices ARE allowed to accept money and gifts from entities who have an interest in their ultimate decisions. All of the members of the Roberts Court have accepted travel or gifts (below link). Are those untouchables really the ones you want determining the laws for all Americans to live by?



I'd prefer an amendment to the Constitution. Otherwise: faithless electors. (And, heck: faithless state representatives who select them.) But, yeah: there is no other high elective office in this country in which the person with the most votes does not win.


The one and only argument FOR the Electoral College falls back to the cumulative leaning of the state's population. President, Senators, Representatives -- they are folds of a similar cloth -- people we elect to represent us at the highest Federal level.

While Senators and Representatives are chosen within inner state boundaries, the presidential vote is counted state-wide. A few states are attempting to deliver popular vote fairness by allowing their Electoral College votes to be divided between candidates as their state actually voted. I actually like that method better than the The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact -- which in fairness to the author of the original letter, is not active yet, and may never be.

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