We have four children, and they are senior citizens now.

A few nights ago in response to the news about the children being separated from their parents at the U.S./Mexico border, we took a trip down memory lane. It seems time has not dimmed a lot of those memories.

I remember reading to the four of them gathered on the living room rug, with the two youngest competing to see who could sit on my lap to turn the pages in the book for me. Or the day when the oldest asked if you could call me by my given name.

Or the day when one of the sons demonstrated a trampoline seat drop on the kitchen floor. Or when I would get up in the morning to discover my cindered cigarettes in the fireplace. Girl No. 1 was the leader on that. Or taking them camping and cooking dinner over an open fire. Or my baby girl sitting in my lap as we watched Walter Cronkite on the evening news.

It should be clear that we were moved by what has happened to those immigrant children at our southern border — the parents of 545 immigrant children still haven't been found three years after they were separated. We all agree that is insupportable. Children should not be used for political purposes.

Obviously, I am not a Donald Trump supporter, and the number of objections I have to him are many. This one competes for first place with the number of coronavirus deaths in the U.S.

Redge Ranyard


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When the families were contacted, almost all did not want the children back. Sad!


The families were not contacted. The families have been separated and the feds lost the parents. Now they can't be found. Were the parents sent back to Mexico? Are they out in the desert dead? Are they here but afraid of ICE? Nobody knows. That's the story.


mworden: spot on.





Re: "When the families were contacted, almost all did not want the children back. Sad!"--I hope that you do understand that families who cannot be located have *not* been asked whether they want their children back.

Right? So it's not true that they declined to have their children back.

Further, you cannot cite a single study that refers to "almost all." It is the case that some parents have declined to have their children deported into the same circumstances that caused the parents to flee with their children.

Do you think you can muster the empathy and compassion to understand this? Suppose you are mother who has several children; the oldest, a young teen, has been murdered by a gang for refusing to join, and the gang is starting to recruit your next youngest son, and several girls in the neighborhood have been abducted by that same gang. You flee with your remaining children, one at your breast, and walk more than 1000 miles to a place that has always been a beacon of hope, and you cross into it. Your nursing baby is ripped from your arms, and you are caged separately from that baby and your other children. You, fortunately, have relatives in America, and an aunt and uncle of yours are able to sponsor the children in this country, this beacon of hope. Then you are deported. A few months later, the United States offers to send your children back to you, into the same barrio with the same gangs and thugs. Would you ask that your children to be sent back into that same environment?

If so, may I ask you this if you were the real mother of the child in the biblical tale regarding Solomon, would you ask for your 1/2 of the baby?

Sure, you would. I don't know why I asked. Sad, really.


I don't know, I haven't seen any empathy in any of Rise's responses, ever!


Republicans tend to view empathy as a weakness--especially when acting in a political context. Kinda the way Lady Macbeth did. We Democrats are far more "full o'th' milk of human kindness."

Fortunately, most people, most of the time, do act with empathy, compassion, and the milk of human kindness. I expect that Rise does, too, in her personal life. I hope that her responses here have been more of a posturing of a persona, instead of reflecting who she really is.

I recommend Humankind, by Rutger Bregman. The stories we tell each other about how bad people are, are mostly false.


Trump had help reaching this low with crimes against humanity. Stephen Miller was his immigration advisor. What do we know about Stephen Miller other than he appears to be a ghoul? Here's a good way to get to know him: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/05/stephen-miller-duke-donald-trump

No one should be surprised that Trump appointed Miller to his cabinet. Any means to reach an end for the white nationalist racist in our White House is to surround yourself with the same.


NJ: you are right--although a bit too kind to Trump and Miller.


joe, I have no choice. The first rule is to keep it clean. [innocent]

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