Thank you for publishing daily COVID-19 case counts. Keeping the public informed about the worldwide pandemic isn't fear-mongering. Publishing facts about current events is an important service daily newspapers provide to the general public.

If citizens do not wish to know the facts about important current events, they may choose to not read the paper. Telling a newspaper to stop publishing information amounts to suppression of freedom of the press, which is a hallmark of democracy.

Approximately 214,367 American deaths from COVID-19 (as of the 10-11-20 edition of the News Review), since March 2020, is a very large number. Whether some of the deceased had "underlying problems" or not. Belittling the grief of people whose loved ones have died, with comments such as "life goes on," is hurtful and unkind.

We could all choose to be kinder toward the suffering of others.

Kim Wilbur


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Kim, you are exactly right: it is important that the public know. And publication of information is the *job* of newspapers. Duh.

The actual figure of COVID-19 deaths is likely about 1/3 higher, based on studies of excess mortality. So figure around 300,000 dead Americans to date.

Here is a link to an article with maps, showing how much worse it is elsewhere, right now--but that could be us, soon. Vigilance!



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