Late Sunday afternoon, I discovered that Donald Trump and I have something in common.

In 2016, he and I each paid $750 in income tax. Mine might have been a bit less, but I neglected to deduct the two $20 haircuts I got during the year.

Redge Ranyard


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The White House now has more coronavirus cases than Greenland.


They still have less warmth.


---though it's melting faster than any time in the last 12,000 years.


Are you referring to the White House?


I meant (metaphorically): there is less warmth in the White House than in Greenland.




Interesting comment by David Brooks makes me wonder how evangelical conservatives reconcile their apparent adoration for Trump wish what they claim to be their high morals.

"During Tuesday night’s debate, by contrast, people got to see, in real time, how Trump’s vicious behavior destroyed an American institution, the presidential debate. They got to see how his savagery made ordinary human conversation impossible. Debate watchers were confronted with a core truth: What Trump did to that debate Tuesday night is what he’ll do to America in a second term."

Vicious. Savage. Trump's core truth.




moronicreader- your delusion is entertaining. Your senile savior, Joe the hair sniffer is the one that told the president to shut up and called him a clown. He is a racist punk and anyone that votes for him should be ashamed... but Democrats have no shame otherwise they wouldn't champion the murder of unborn children.


roseburgapostolic: I believe that you have forgotten which country you live in...the freedoms we have and the laws that have been enacted for us to follow. We all get one vote for president, then each state counts up who got most votes; we each only get one vote. I think you believe your Church and state should be one, which it simply cannot be. You have every right to walk whatever path you want to, but it's clear to me that you have a very poor understanding of humanity.

Al Capone got 11years I hope trump at least gets a couple. Oh keep flying your stupid "Trump 2020" flags on your trucks, your little party's about to end. Better pay taxes on them moonshine stills, oh you cant' by the way you can't deduct you kkk uniforms on your taxes!!! 😅😂🤣😅


ooops! Iraq, not Iran. Clumsy entry, and I spotted it in the nanosecond before "send"--I hope it does not prefigure a future war.


"Suckers" and "losers" in combat--and sometimes dying--in Afghanistan and Iran paid higher taxes, too. There is no reason* why a Marine Major in Afghanistan ought to pay a higher tax rate than people with passive incomes, shell corporations, and $70,000 deductions for haircuts. *reason: actually, there is a reason: people in power support, in fawning style, things like Trumps taxscam, carried interest, jet loopholes, etc, ad nauseam. Tax reform, including those reforms supported by Joe Biden and Peter DeFazio, will correct some of this. Vote every Republican out of office now and forever.


Constitutional Criminal Law Professor Richard Darden told his class the first day that "historically, 90% of all criminal laws can be traced back to white people seeking protection from black people. In more recent years, criminal laws have evolved to protect wealthy people from people of lower classes." Hence tax laws teaming with loopholes.


Trump blames low-income people, minorities for 'ruining' suburbia.


Mr. Ranyard,

Don't forget next year to deduct from your taxes the money you pay your family members as consultants.

Wesley Snipes was sentenced to 3 years in prison for $23 million in tax fraud. Martha Steward was sentenced to 5 months in prison for $45,000 in insider trading. Hopefully, President Trump will receive a prison sentence proportional to others.


Redge Ranyard are those tears in your eyes? Question: how many people do you employ? How much money do you invest in the American economy? How many $400k paychecks have you donated? None? Oh... quit your whining.


Since being elected Donald Trump paid 25 million dollars to settle a Trump University fraud case. He subsequently paid 2 million to settle a Trump charity fraud case. He paid off a Adult film star and a Playboy model for them to keep silent during the 2016 election. I'm so old I remember when the Republican Mantra was "Character Matters". Well that horse has left the barn!!


smedleyb: concur. But the worst thing he did was the abysmal handling of the pandemic. Recent Cornell study (of some 38 million articles) indicates that he is singularly most responsible for misinformation in the English-speaking world. Had we had the same rate of death as Japan (fewer than 1600 deaths so far, this year, in a population of 126,000,000--with a lot higher percentage of old people!), we'd have had south of 5,000 dead instead of north of 200,000. Trump has a lot of blood on his hands. I hope he has a quick recovery from the virus--maybe it will extend to him that professional courtesy.

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