During the 2016 presidential campaign, I was dumbstruck when I learned that a third-grade student came to a Halloween party at one of our local elementary schools dressed as “Hillary-in-Jail”. I spoke with the school’s principal as well as the then-school superintendent about the incident. I hoped that there might be a way to blunt this type of crude political behavior.

Sadly, four years later things have gotten worse. I fear that impressionable elementary and middle-school children are learning the wrong lessons about appropriate political speech from our current president.

The messages Trump communicates with his words and actions are crystal clear. And he repeats them endlessly. Never apologize to anyone, ever. Science is stupid. Anyone different is bad. Don’t be nice; nice is for losers. Cheating makes winners. Women are less important than men. Be afraid of anyone not white. Facts and truth are not important. Low-paid people are idiots. Lying is fine; people just believe. It’s okay if your father cheats on your mother. Never take responsibility; blame others. You can hurt others badly if it benefits you.

If Trump wins the election, we can expect four more years of this language and action, or worse. Don’t let Trump pollute an entire generation. He must be defeated.

Pat Sherman


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NJ (NewJoke), moronicreader, CommieJoe and MoscowMike are truly despicable people. It amazes me that you can have such distain for our country and the traditions that make it great!


Yes, we can expect worse. The (now) Ununited States, will devolve into dictatorship, with a leader, along with sycophants determined to destroy democracy, bent on insuring that we all become, and are kept, poor, sick, and stupid.

White Nationalism. Fascism. Racism - choose your ism. If everyone of this ilk were sorted out from the rest of the U.S., placed in a single state with a wall built around them, they would eventually begin to kill each other. It's the hate, the pure, fundamental hate of a White Nationalist that is at stake whether we retain our democracy or lose it to destitution, sickness, and mind control. In that case, if the U.S. is determined to be a fascist state, all we can hope for is that they will cause the quicker demise of our planet.


Don't forget if you defend your country at your President's behest, you are a "loser" and a "sucker."


Pat, my earlier response was before the "debate," in which Trump gave a shoutout to Proud Boys, suggested his people "watch" the polls, etc. Here is Rolling Stone:

"Asked to condemn white supremacists on Tuesday night, President Trump instead named a militant white supremacist group and issued a call to arms.

Moderator Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump if he was willing to “condemn white supremacists and militia groups.” He referenced cities such as Kenosha and Portland, hotbeds of civil unrest where much of the violence been initiated by far-right extremists and militia members.

At first, Trump appeared to be receptive to condemning far-right extremists, but when pressed by Sen. Joe Biden and Wallace, he didn’t exactly do that...."



Here is Borowitz: Donald J. Trump somehow seemed unlikeable and obnoxious in his first 2020 debate performance, despite extensive pre-debate coaching from Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani, campaign staffers have confirmed.

After the debate, staffers were baffled that Trump could appear so off-putting and odious after being prepped by two of the nation’s most beloved and appealing public figures.



No one won last night's fracas. In a way I felt sorry for Chris Wallace, the moderator. The only way he could have stopped the chaos would have been to dial 9-1-1 and have the paramedics haul Trump off in a straitjacket.

If anything, the debate put an exclamation point on Pat Sherman's letter.


melrosereader: Exactly. And kudos for straitjacket. I see it spelled incorrectly more often that correctly. (Rather as, in movies and on television, the chessboard usually is set up incorrectly--another in my huge menagerie of pet peeves....)


Thank you for that Borowitz link. It's good for people to have a hearty belly laugh every day. Cynicism and sarcasm are 2 of my favorites.


Yet it is the Left and the Demoncrat Party that are yelling "defund the police" and burning and looting our cities. Pathetic.


roseburgapostolic is the epitome of what Pat Sherman is talking about, dishonesty, untruthfulness. Vice President Biden clearly stated the following during last night's debate:

1. I AM the Democratic Party.

2. I do NOT support defunding the police.

3. I SUPPORT law, order and justice.

4. I no NOT support looting.


Pat you are exactly right.

Science denial will kill millions of us. Corruption will kill still more. And trump has just bent the space-time continuum; he has already sent out announcements that he has won the debate (which, on Earth 1, does not start for another 50 minutes:


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