This election may change the course of America for the unforeseeable future. Americans have two options: 1) vote for the "status quo" of the past four years or, 2) vote for a "change."

A win by President Donald Trump provides a predictable future of what we've seen, including the same level of taxes, lower unemployment with a growing economy (pre-virus), better trade deals, reliable health care, no new wars abroad, border security and less undocumented aliens arriving.

A Joe Biden win with Democrats retaining the House and taking the Senate would result in many changes affecting our future. The Democrats' priority is to pack the Supreme Court, make Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico new states, do away with the Electoral College and remove the "filibuster rule."

Personally, I love today's America (minus COVID-19)! Why take a risk with changes? If Democrats gain control, they will be unstoppable with a "one" party rule. A Supreme Court with liberal judges will overturn laws. A Democratic Senate will pass laws with a simple majority. Without the Electoral College, a President would prevail by winning only six states. The America we've known will be changed forever!

We'll lose the "check and balance" that our forefathers intended for our government. Constitutional changes will provide more government control and a loss of our liberties (as currently seen with COVID-19). Once we travel down this path, there'll be no turning back. The old saying that "power corrupts" and "absolute power corrupts absolutely" comes to mind.

Politicians never speak the "whole" truth, so question everything and look at the big picture. I really love the current America. Why take a chance with big changes? A miscalculation will have consequences.

I vote for the status quo. Our founding fathers created a great country, so why change? Be careful what you wish for.

Joachium Waechter


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I cannot believe that there are still such ignorant people who think that having a socialist/communist country is ok. It's frightening that so many will not learn from places like Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, etc. If they like that so much, why don't they just live there, and leave the rest of us to thrive in Trump's America?


Rise, from what I'm understanding there's a very diverse idea of what people believe Socialism is. It depends on your age and how you've experienced Socialism in the past. It may help to read this:


It's no more unbelievable than there are still people who request the editor of their local newspaper NOT write articles on issues they don't like and politic they don't agree with.




Interesting opinion considering Trump is doing everything possible and possibly illegal to win another term. The same level of taxes - enriching the 1% further, lower unemployment - of less than family wage jobs only, and growing economy - if you play the stock market, sure. When you say better trade deals you must mean more quid pro quo demands; reliable health care that Trump has sent to the Supreme Court to overthrow; no new wars - that we know of; and fewer aliens arriving - yes, they finally understand the crimes that will be committed against them, children seized to never see again, and those seeking asylum languishing in prison conditions at the border.

Why risk a change? Could it be the 20,000 lies documented that have spewed from the man who would be dictator? Could it be him spreading Covid-19 in an unannounced plan of Herd Immunity that will might work after 8 million Americans are dead? How about just packing the SCOTUS with conservative judges so foreign adversaries can infiltrate our elections, so women will no longer have a right to their own bodies, so that in 2 years Trump can declare himself a dictator eliminating elections altogether. Yeah, everything's fine, Joachium Waechter. Keep believing that and soon enough Trump will get around to taking your fine America away from you too.


This is the first Presidential election in history where the President's opponent is running on a platform advocated by the President's own administration.


Yep. And the Trump administration had some decent plans available early in the pandemic, but they were all scuttled. The USPS was set to mail masks to every household, there were public health interventions sitting on the shelf (and some in the wastebasket--but, still available). Other countries, with less lead time, had responses that resulted in 1/100th of our death rate. And less.


Vote for the "status quo" -- no thanks.

The three mains strengths on Trump's resume are Lies, Cons, and Conspiracy Theories. We're almost there now...Donald Trump Judgement Day...I vote "Fired!"


"Our founding fathers created a great country, so why change?" Uh: slavery. Genocide. Suffrage for white men, only--and mostly, only those with property. Yellow fever, malaria, smallpox, diphtheria, polio. Child labor in mines and factories. Few real rights for women and people of color. A lot has changed, but it's still true that conservatives stand athwart history, yelling, "Stop!" And your statement about health care: that's a joke, right? The Trump administration and Republican attorneys general are working to end the ACE--starting one week after Election Day. On the order of 20 million Americans have lost their health care insurance since Trump took office--and if he gets his way, another 25-30 million will follow suit. (And a whole bunch more people are discovering that the junk insurance policies that are now legal (under Trump), are worthless when they actually get sick.)

Voting for the status quo is like voting for rust and atherosclerosis.



I should hasten to add: Asserting that everything is fine, *except* for the pandemic, is rather like the bad old joke: "Aside from the incident, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

The last nearly 4 years in America have been more of a farce than the play, Our American Cousin.

The last line is killer.

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