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A recent article stated the record number of foster children in Douglas County. I would assume that the number would be even larger statewide.

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Oregon Senate reveals 38 Oregon tax increase proposals for this year's Legislature and the list is expanding day by day.  Should have paid more attention to my old Pappy who said you get too old too soon and too smart too late.

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Steve Loosley is running for a seat on the UCC Board of Directors. It seems to me a natural thing to do, given his family’s long history of giving back to our community.

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Thank you to the cast and crew of "Curtains The Musical" for the great entertainment they provided our community. We really enjoyed your performance.

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I think I’ll leave the defense of Donald Trump’s "well-oiled machine" up to his supporters. For now, I’d just like to submit a partial list of facts regarding his first month in office.

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In response to "Trump is not our president" by Melanie Hill. I’m flabbergasted that Ms. Hill has the clairvoyance after only 30 days to predict the legally nominated President Trump, his agenda and what will happen? I spent almost three decades in the U.S. military and worked through numerou…

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There is a miasma of greed emanating from Salem. They are not wise predators, who manage their prey, but parasites, who mindlessly suck their prey dry, killing it and eventually themselves with it.

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This letter is written in response to Melanie Hill’s letter. Talk about whine. Lady, just go back and reread your letter. First of all, Trump is your president, like it or not. You think Trump is embarrassing? Obama didn’t know how many states are in the U.S.

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As someone who has significant hearing loss I was taken aback by the photo on page B8 of The News-Review Feb. 25 edition of a student, with no apparent hearing protection, using a metal grinder. I hope that this is not a common practice in the school district.

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I am a life-long Republican. As I view political issues I strive to be as objective as possible, with the welfare of all in mind. I write today in reference to a Feb. 14 News-Review interview with local politician Jeff Kruse.

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The recent articles regarding “Assessor embroiled in controversies” only tells one side of the story. Hansen’s $3,000,000 sham tort claim lacks merit and is an attempt to bilk the county for additional funds besides the $40,000 she was paid for schooling. Hansen lacks the credentials require…

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It is now almost four months after the election and six weeks since inauguration. Isn't it time to put all the nasty letters from both sides, all the snide remarks, and all the nasty cartoons aside and do our part to be good Americans?

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I have had Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ essay "We Were Made For These Times" hanging on my fridge since soon after the presidential election. She is a powerful writer and I find her words helpful.

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I sincerely hope the Republican-controlled Congress will soon start putting country before party. They need to stop turning a blind eye to the inept, misguided and immoral Trump administration.

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The News-Review's question of the week regarding the House's vote to remove those with mental health problems from the firearm background check data base piqued my interest and concern.

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