The Douglas High School bond levy is not an argument, it is an investment. Some have ignored everything that should be important, like the slightly lower tax rate, increased property value, safety, energy efficiency, etc.

People have heard the statistics, and some do not care about how important these things are. They do not see the importance of a renewed school because they have no current connection to the school. So let us talk about trust and community, or lack thereof.

The past administration made mistakes, the current administration has made mistakes, only a fool would ever argue that the ones in charge are infallible. However, should the GO-Bond pass, they will be forced to follow the guidelines as set forth in the bond.

Almost all of the project will be on public record, which means we can hold them to their word. If you are worried about the lack of a proposed plan, then let me lay that to rest as well.

The $16 million estimation that is being requested is based on cost per square foot of similar remodels and projects. This is designed by engineers and architects with inflation in mind. The additional $4 million that the state is going to add on will greatly ensure the project will remain on track. So even if there are unseen obstacles, now is the best time to pass this. Otherwise, we will miss out on this additional $4 million.

As it stands the citizens that do not trust that this money will be used properly should be reminded. A better school will bring better property value. A better school will be an asset to the community. A better school is an investment in a place we as a community can gather and be proud of.

Daniel Morris


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