This is the content of an email i sent to the Douglas County Solid Waste Advisory Committee regarding the upcoming transfer station meetings:

"Prior to the meetings proposed to be held next week, the newest proposals submitted by Wilson should be posted on the County’s website so people will have the opportunity to see the information before the meetings. Dumping a bunch of numbers and scenario’s on people without giving them some time to become more informed will not garner any input suitable to guide the SWAC on what to recommend to the BOC, even though they probably have already made up their minds on what they are going to do.

Personally, I am flat against closing any transfer station. Any scenario that does not define the effect of each transfer site operational cost to overall program cost is being deceptive especially when defined on a per-bag basis instead of a % of overall program cost. The solid waste program is a Douglas County Community program and the overall cost should be borne by all as equally as can be with the public having a say on how this should be done.

There still remains the illegal redirection of Solid Waste fees to local developers that should be reimbursed to the Solid Waste Fund by the County and the Financial Assurance plan that has been hidden from all. That plan should be reviewed by SWAC with an eye toward the County providing an infusion of funds to this endeavor. The BOC told the citizens there was no need to charge fees as far back as the early 90’s as the County would cover the cost knowing full well that a large sum of money was going to be needed to close and maintain the landfills. A true Smoke and Mirrors game.

Enough said!"

Larry Spielbusch


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sorry...fingers not working...."the way it was"...


Go back to the way it way - the transfer sites were open 24/7-365...seems like it worked out just fine for years.....and no one was getting paid, either. And, put back the recycle bins - there must be some place that will take plastics, glass, etc.

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