On the front page of The News-Review on August 30 was an article about the Deer Creek housing project. Printed in bold letters we are told it’s the “Affordable Solution.”

Reading, we find no reference to the per-square-foot cost of the project, no mention of the annual cost for maintenance or how much of the cost, if any, is taxpayer funded. As is the case for much of what is passed off as journalism these days, it is missing is the who, why, where, when and how. Whether it’s the county buying an RV park, a $50,000 reduction in dump fees to a construction site, school bonding issues, or housing projects for the low income we rarely, if ever, get the cost to those of us footing the bill. In this case, we have a project that’s going to cost, as per the article, at least $17,000,000 for 68 units, which works out to $250,000 per unit. To me that doesn’t sound affordable at all.

So here’s the bottom line to those of you in the news business: the great unwashed out here want all the facts, not just the ones that make the story sound good. If what you are pushing is funded, even in part, with our tax dollars, we want to know. We want to know what the construction cost is per square foot and how that compares to privately built homes. We want to know why the contactors are from outside Douglas County. We want to know if the rent for these homes is Section 8 subsidized. We want to know what fees are being waived by Douglas County and City of Roseburg.

In other words we want some old-fashioned journalistic curiosity.

Gerald Gindlesperger


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I agree we should have a better understanding about what "affordable" housing is and what it costs all of us to provide.

However the problem is what it costs because housing is a commodity that is more about making people money than it is about provide safe and truly affordable housing for those who cannot afford it in the open for profit market.

Privatization and the real estate speculation it drives has been the biggest enemy when it comes to being able to provide housing to our moderate to very low income households. We need to find a better way to produce it than we have now if we want better public accountability than we have even when a private non-profit like NWU is involved. We have a public housing authority that would provide us better transparency and accountability for the use of out taxpayer dollars. The fact that HADCO is actually a public entity makes it so.

We need to get our local Public Housing Authority (PHA), HADCO back in the business of actually developing the truly affordable housing that we need in our community to solve our housing crisis and homelessness.


Well said! For instance, what would be the cost of having these people housed in mobile homes, or existing HUD facilities? Why are we building such elaborate apartments?


What existing HUD facilities?

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