Unions are the way out of our national morass. The United States is now more economically polarized and less of a place to build a future than it ever has been. We are easily alone among the developed nations of the world in being willing to abandon the poor, the sick, the elderly.

The ways out of this swamp, these times of economic impediment, lie with us alone. The answers may be many, but one way has been proven to work and needs to have our full attention once again. America needs unions, and it needs all people who work to belong to one.

Unions are workers who stand together. Men and women who stand together to bargain with their bosses for better pay, safe working conditions and decent benefits. What these people seek, what they are part of a union for, is to make possible for the chance to attain the American dream. Unions even the playing field for all workers by standing up to big corporations, fighting for laws that protect everyone. We need unions now more than ever.

Our business community has abandoned its responsibility to our society and it has done so willingly. The only thing standing it is way is working people standing together to make sure everyone gets a fair shot. Fighting for our rights and our futures is, really, a very American thing to do.

I am proud to be a dues paying member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. I work for a living.

John Aschim


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Unions function as labor cartels, restricting the number of workers in a company or industry to drive up the remaining workers' wages. They also hinder economic growth and delay recovery from recession. Over time, unions destroy jobs in the companies they organize and have the same effect on business investment as does a 33 percentage point corporate income tax increase.


PERS is a good example of a union out of control They are bankrupting this state with their greed. There is a retired former public employee who receives more then $50 thousand dollars a month thanks to PERS. That is money that could be used for students, school building repair, textbooks, security measures to prevent future school shootings, etc. Yeah we need unions like we need a sales tax. I know many former RFP employees who say all the union did was take their money and when they contacted the union for help they didn't do a thing.

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