We feel it is necessary to write you about our support of Doug Paxton as the director of our VA facilities here in Roseburg, and the management team he has assembled.

As the president of the 208 members of the Umpqua Valley Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America, I have been involved with members who have been using the facility for many years and have firsthand knowledge of many of the challenges and changes that have occurred. Our membership is fully aware that change is difficult for many and not always taken in a positive light, but we have seen improvements that are making a difference for our veterans here in Roseburg.

We are very disappointed with the recent allegations from Congressman Peter DeFazio in his speech and disgruntled employees in the local newspaper. This has us concerned that we will see a reinstatement of employees who gave us gross inefficiencies they were involved with before.

We full-heartedly stand behind Director Paxton and the progress he has made. He listens to our comments and complaints and takes action to make corrections when needed. We appreciate the open communication and direction he is promoting.

I am fully at your disposal if you have any questions or would like more discussion.

Terry A. Mooney


Umpqua Valley Chapter 805

Vietnam Veterans of America


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Not It

You can't know about issues, continually keep your head in the sand about them and call yourself a leader. Taking care of Veterans means standing up for what is right for them. Stop drinking the kool-aid.

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