My wish is that we look into the eyes of our children and envision the future we are creating for them.

The climate crisis is real and humans are largely responsible. Humans can also be the solution. Reusable cloth and mesh bags are accessible and inexpensive. Let's ban plastic bags.

When we pass the vast swaths of clear cuts in Douglas County we should consider how removing an entire community of trees is affecting the future. Less clean air, clean water, stable soil, less habitat. We are an intelligent community. Can’t we work together to find a more sustainable way to harvest trees? Trees are the lungs of the planet. We are literally taking the breath from our future children.

We need to think about how we use our energy and what we need to change to take us forward. Each time we build a large home when a small home will do … more electricity, water, land, lumber, more materials of all sorts. Why?

Can we love, support and care for our children while helping women plan their families in a thoughtful way and supporting women who choose not to give birth.

Something as simple as picking up garbage when you are walking, considering emissions and miles per gallon when buying a vehicle, volunteering to help positive community groups. The list of how we can improve the outlook for our children’s future is a long one.

My wish would be that we could all use the lens of our children’s future to go forward.

Contact your state and national leaders. Let them know you want them, also, to use our children’s future as the lens through which they legislate. Aren’t our children worth it?

Connie Page


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