Are you aware that a large number of physicians in the Atrio network discriminate against patients that are "too sick?"

When we moved to Roseburg, we enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan (Atrio Gold). Atrio gave us a list of medical providers, and we started searching for a primary physician. We were denied over and over from making an appointment with a primary physician unless and until we submitted a written application that included medical history. We were told that the physician would review the application and decide if they would accept us as patients. These physicians are part of the Atrio network and were listed as accepting new patients.

When I asked why we needed to apply to see a physician who was in the network and was accepting new patients, I was told that they had to decide how much time would be required for my care. In other words, if I had too many illnesses that would require a lot of the physician's time, they would not take me on as a patient.

I called Medicare and spoke with them about this issue. They told me that it is illegal to deny care based on your medical history and that they had never heard of such a thing. They encouraged me to file a complaint with he medical licensing board in Oregon and with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. I knew that residents of Douglas County were underserved in the area of health care but I didn't realize that the physicians were such a big part of the problem.

Pamela Ratz


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Did you know that the Oregon Health Care Plan will only cover the blood thinner Warfarin which has a black box warning. They reject drugs like Xarelto and Eliquis which are deemed safer and more effective by physicians (Shaw Heart Center). Warfarin requires be-weekly blood tests as well as dietary limitations besides the black box warning. One of the drugs side effects is death (bleeding of the brain).

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