The temporary director of the Roseburg VA is asking the veterans to once again drink the Kool-Aid and not ask what is in it. He said he wanted to close the Emergency Room at the VA and use the funds to open urgent care facilities in Eugene and North Bend. He gave a lot of reasons to do so, all of which sounded very good and made one think this is a very good idea. He also said he would get an agreement with CHI Mercy to allow vets to come in, with the billing sent to the VA. Again everything sounded wonderful, and the ER closure would only be at night.

I was in favor until I sent an email inquiring about eligibility at the Roseburg VA. I got a phone call a few days later. They explained that the only way a vet would have a CHI Mercy bill paid by the VA would be if a VA doctor or official referred them to an outside hospital. I asked about the fact that an agreement would be made, but was told that only the VA in Washington could do so, and they (Washington) would make a one-on-one decision on payment. They indicated that in my case, as an 80 percent disabled vet, that I would be made to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket. They also said the majority of vets would pay out of pocket.

So before you drink the Kool-Aid, find out what is in it. Call eligibility to verify what it would cost.

David Grotkin


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This how the VA hears us la#^$&^$%^=÷×/=%$ and answer back with ( thank you we will take it into consideration) Okie dokie says low peasant.


So our Veterans pay again, first with there service now with there wallets! Meanwhile someone that hasn't worked a say in there life on public assistance can get a free ride in an AMBULANCE to the EMERGENCY ROOM to be treated for a cold. THIS ISNT KOOLAID ITS RAT POISON!


Right papasteve. Pretty dirty isn't it. Seems like the VA is trying to shut down what they can, service to our vets. Even if they posted a NP at night that would be some help. I am glad that the gentleman found out the "Whole truth to the story."

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