The cult of ignorance has always been the cornerstone of the regressive movement in America. Cult members glorify willful ignorance, foment anti-intellectualism and see all liberal education as a subversive plot. Their elected representatives and popular leaders exemplify these beliefs and have created an entire vocabulary to reinforce prejudices and suspicions among the ignorant constituents and followers.

They openly encourage the gullible to weaken and de-fund public school systems across the country. This has been a focal point of the conservative agenda for decades. Public school funding is routinely based on the most discriminatory and regressive methods imaginable, ensuring that the neediest and most-at-risk students are the least served by our educational system.

Cultists have orchestrated the takeover of local school boards, seeking to replace progressive pedagogy with the lowest form of primitive fundamentalism. Teachers are attacked for union involvement. Curriculums and textbooks are scrutinized for any hint of a progressive tilt. Pseudo-science is being touted as an equal right. Culturally biased testing and standards have replaced mentoring. Shutting down as many schools as possible and replacing them with for-profit, fast-food versions of public education is the goal.

Naturally, conservative elites don't want to deprive their own children of all the benefits of a quality education, typically searching out the most exclusive schools, staffed by the most qualified teachers, boasting the finest physical facilities with the broadest choice of extracurricular activities. And, of course, the lowest student-teacher ratios.

Which brings us to Betsy DeVos. She has no experience in public education and is an overt proponent of schools for profit. She is the poster child for all that is detrimental to American children. DeVos is the least qualified (and potentially the most dangerous) ever presented to be the Secretary of Education.

David Wright


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David Wright of Sutherlin thinks that anyone who disagrees with him is a cultist. It must be nice to have all the correct answers. He should run for office since he knows everything. If you can get a better education for your child at a private school go for it. The public schools are a mess (how many concerned folks attend school board meetings or even tape those meetings)? How many people like David volunteer (school buses could use volunteers to ride with the driver so the driver can concentrate on their driving and not screaming kids). Volunteer to grade papers so the teacher teach the class. Do something to make it better. Be proactive.


Mr Wright wrote a silly little blurb full of the predictable talking points of the left without offering any solutions for our failing public school system. Our abysmal performance as a state near the bottom fifty should have every one of us holding our head in shame. Powerful public sector unions have controlled the narrative in our schools for decades. Watching them defend the public school systems failure would be amusing if the human cost were not so tragic. The fault does not lie solely with the public education system. Education begins at home and our morals, family traditions and structures have been eliminated over the past few decades. Which political ideology is more responsible for that, hmmm? Oh, your jab at the consertive elite who send thier offspring to exclusive private institutions was interesting, considering that our last two Democratic Presidents sent their daughters to one of the most prestigious private schools in the country. Hypocrisy is hilarious. Thanks for the morning chuckle, Mr.Wright.

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