On Oct. 13, I received a call from the employment department to whom I owe an apology because I called them the unemployment department. I talked to David, who wanted me to understand why they do what they do and soon, but not now, they will be changing their “form” to become clearer on its content.

They are taking my husband’s “employment checks” from him because he didn’t do a work search. OK, he has a permanent job with a temporary layoff. I was told they need to keep the employment bank account in check, so if you make any kind of mistake on their form, you lose.

My suggestion is to call them when you fill these out and make sure you get a name for whom you talk to, and to document or record everything they say, so you can replay it three or four times so you understand their tactics. If you make a mistake, they will not be forgiving, and you must repay whatever they sent you. No exceptions.

So, they will get their $1,072 from us, and I am so happy they explained how they need to slap his hands for not doing his “employment” benefits (ha ha) correctly. At least we now know they must read your paper. I hope they track us on radar now that we disagree with their decision and don’t keep slapping him forever.

Maybe I could get back what he deserved by a discrimination suit. Apparently, they don’t like people who actually work for a living.

Kay Anderson


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Just one of their rules you have to show proof that you looked for work in order to get your unemployment benefits. I am guessing they just follow their procedures regardless of individual cases circumstances.

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