It's a bitter sweet day as I watch the coverage of William (Bill) Cosby's conviction on all three felony counts of sexual misconduct.

Sweet that the victims are finally receiving attention on matters that normally go unnoticed or remain a hidden plague eating away at the souls of countless human beings. Mr. Cosby can now be noted as "America's Abuser" rather than "America's Father", for his role in a new historical path towards equality.

Bitter that the Bill Cosby I've know since the age of 6 and honorably looked up to all my life, has single handedly destroyed my faith in his contribution towards common humanity.

The Cosby family have been very close to our family, sharing equal interests and investments in Temple University. Coach Hardin has a wing dedicated to him adjacent to Bill Cosby's at Temple. Two names responsible for Temple's current recognition and stature in the "Big East" academic and sports arenas.

What hurts me the most are the memories of the intimate times I spent in the Cosby home. The flight to Japan with Bill when Temple competed in it's first "Bowl Game" in it's entire history against Grambling, an "All Black College". The Mirage Bowl was a strong step towards "Equality" as racial devides were conquered. Something Coach Hardin took to heart throughout his entire coaching history, creating a Bond with Bill Cosby as strong as any marriage. The primary reason I myself looked up to both of them as my childhood hero's.

Of all 7 times I spent in the Cosby family home, of the 13 Temple Home football games and 2 bowl games I sat with Bill Cosby, "Never did the thought this man possessed an evil bone in his body occur". But I have no doubts today even our closest friends and family are human, capable of anything at anytime.

Honesty, integrity, decency, honor, courage and compassion.."The foundation of humanity" has taken a blow today. Bill Cosby "Was" the definition of Humanitarian in the eyes of millions. "The last person you'd imagine capable of inhumane acts".

Geno W. Hardin


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Psychopaths are excellent at presenting a very pleasing personality. Clever and charming. Ted Bundy was very good at that. To them women were looked upon as chattel nothing more. Sadly, there's plenty more where they came from.


I realize how difficult it must be to now know this man is something no one thought he could be. Had anyone purchased "It's True, It's True" they would have heard him speak to drugging women and doing what he wanted with them. Gentlemen, you need to see your systemic misogyny for exactly what it is. This was no America's Father, this is only a serial rapist who will and should die in prison. Now HALF the country's population can breathe a sigh of relief.


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