There is an old adage that states: "Never judge a book by its cover."

That is no truer than when you apply it to the Black Lives Matter movement. The title is the cover, but the inner workings depict a much different goal.

What started as an effort to correct some deficiencies in the police department evolved into: defund the police, culture change (destroying history with destruction of statues, etc), ritos and demands with no dialogue or path forward.

Protesters will state that the chaos is not part of their group, but just as they blame all police officers for the actions of a few, so they must be held accountable for the damages created by their movement.

All lives are precious and matter. Their name should be changed to "Some Black Lives Matter" for the following reasons: It centers just around police brutality. Nothing is said about those who die from drugs, gun violence in the streets, the thousands who are killed by abortion or the slavery of those caught in the sex trade.

We all need to work on making life better, but it can't be accomplished unless we sit down, discuss our differences and work to a common goal. It can't be solved by the chaos that now exists.

We are fortunate that we live in Douglas County and have the excellent leaders and police departments. It's not perfect, but far superior to most. Some want to blame to problems on the current administration, but it has been the state and local leaders who have handcuffed their police force and turned down the offer of help from Washington.

Unless the violence stops, this will be our new norm.

Bill Duckett


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