In answer to a letter published Nov. 20, I want to remind that Kate Brown won only seven counties out of 36. That is only 19.5 percent. She is not Oregon governor, but Portland governor.

Every vote should count in every county. Brown lost in 29 counties, she lost 80.5 percent of the state. The statewide elections for governor, senator, statewide initiatives or president should be fair. One county should equal one vote. Whoever wins the majority of counties will win the state, so everybody in the state is represented and not only one northwest corner, or 19.5 percent of the state.

Michaela Rickard


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Apparently this writer needs a better understanding of civics and math. Democracy and one person one vote and majority of the votes decides who is Oregon Governor for civics. Majority means the most votes for math.

Gretel Walker

[thumbup] It's not "one acre, one vote". It's "one person one vote" last I heard. So what if they're in the NW corner? Get a grip on reality.


It's true - Portland (like so many other large cities) runs the rest of the state - and it is run badly.


I'm not going to waste time saying how deranged this letter is. There was an excellent letter in last night's paper debunking the rational of this letter.

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