I will be 90 years old this year. I was born in the old Mercy Hospital in Laurelwood. That is when the Oak Street Bridge was the only one across the south river. Perhaps the VA bridge was here then, but I am not sure about that.

The reason I am writing is to see if anyone can remember some of old Roseburg.

Can anyone remember the Douglas Hotel? The Creason Hotel, the Umpqua Hotel, The Grand, the Rose and the Oregon Hotels?

Can anyone remember the three indoor theaters, the Star, the Indian, the Rose? The Indian was the top movies — it had a plushier carpet, better seats and a mezzanine, local kids made out up there. The star was more second-grade pictures, with just one usher and only popcorn was sold there. The Rose was kids pictures. Hop Along Cassidy, Lone Ranger, etc. Admission on Saturday afternoons was one Williams Bread Wrapper.

The schools were Benson Grade, Rose School, Fullerton, Roseburg Jr. High and Roseburg Senior High.

I remember Aaron Rose's house across the street from Roseburg Jr. High. It has always made me sad that it was never saved. He was the city's namesake and founder.

Does anyone remember uptown Jackson Street, Goettles Variety Store, Mabels Dress Shop, Harold McKays Drugstore, Chapmane Drug Store, J.C. Pennys, when the clerks pulled a handle and your transaction went up a line to the cashier, who then sent you change back down to you?

On the other side of the street was Millers Department Store, someone had a hardware store there too, maybe Singletons?

There was Hohlhagens Meat Market, Wally's Tavern, Moose Lodge, Thompone Signal Service Station.

The post office was down on Cass Street. Perkins Building and Pacific Building both had elevators. Given some time, I could probably think of more, but I better quit for now.

Jeniece Herrington


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