Some time ago, I wrote a letter stating that over 30,000 scientists (by name) have said "catastrophic man-made global warming" is a complete hoax and science is a lie. I thought for sure that the Douglas County Global Warming Coalition would submit a rebuttal using the worn-out 'denier' word.

I ask our local "experts," are 30,000 scientists lying? Or maybe they are not as smart as the DCGWC crowd?

I think it is a simple case of the usual reason — money. African nations are furious over possible collapse of climate change agreement, and General Dynamics noted that the Europeans are upset that with President Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, as they will not be getting a free ride any more. Then we have Al Gore. His wealth has grown from $2 million in 2001 to $100 million in 2016, largely due to "investments" in fake green tech companies. And lets not forget that great eco-nut George Soros (socialist/liberal). Are you aware that last year he spent $160 million on fossil fuel companies?

Sometimes plain old stupidity shows up, like NBC News suggesting having a child is one of the worst things you can do for the environment. Pay heed you global warmers — no more kids. Is there even one teacher that will pass any of this on to their students, or will these kids will remain zombies to the liberal education system?

Jim Nikirk


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i was noting the weather channel owned by left wing NBC has a global warming for each video. Such propaganda!


People who are politically biased or get their science from the news or a sold out professor are likely advocates of global warm. I was a science student when NASA came out for global cooling. Obama had people fudge the numbers to appear correct. you see, gw is a tax, a carbon tax. why not support it, except its a lie. climate gate should provide all the info you need. one of my patients was severely depressed because he fudged data for a large sum of money. he went to his grave ridden with guilt. when a top university supports something because they were paid off, then its all the more reason to wonder who else. its been unseasonally cold at Purdue, yet I'm sure some global warming advocate will say the cold is caused by increasing warming. Sometimes its important to think. I've been around people who function as automatons my whole life and I simply try to challenge them to start thinking. its not easy when your life in front of a glaring one-eyed monster does it all for you.


I am always amused when the same people who were blindly convinced that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction but are equally blind about Climate Change.


Jim, people didn't respond to your 'letter' because the claims you were making have been debunked over and over again by countless people with far more credibility than you and your conspiracy theories. It becomes tedious arguing with crackpots who just won't accept truths so people ignore you. It's as simple as that.


You are talking about The Petition Project, which has not been signed by "over 30,000 scientists". Very few of the signatories were scientists. The few who were receive funding from the fossil fuel industry. In science, peer-reviewed literature is the gold standard. Peer-reviewed literature is very clear that all changes since 1950 are due fossil fuel emissions from human activities and land use changes.

Stanley Petrowski

Scallery, Thanks for taking the time to address the real fake new.

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