In response to an article published in The News-Review on Jan. 30: I have been out of town & just learned about this defamatory accusation against Chantel’s Loving Touch and Dr. Luke Herscher.

This accusation is completely frivolous. I can attest to the remarkable & loving care for the residents at Chantel’s Loving Touch. My mother has been at this care facility for 6 years (after falling & breaking her hip at another care facility). I see her several times a week. I have never in the 6 years Mom has been at Chantel’s seen any type of abusive or lacking in care for the residents or my mother.

My family from California comes to visit her and they beam at the care their grandmother and auntie is getting. Three of my family members who have need for this type of care for a loved one constantly tell me, “I wish I could find a place like Chantel's for my mom/grandma/elderly sister.” You can gather, from the aforementioned, that my mom is dearly loved, since family travels to see her from Southern California, Northern California, Texas and North Dakota.

Dr. Herscher goes out of his way to stop in and see the residents under his care (yes, caring doctors do make house calls). I am privy to when he will be there so that I can be present during her monthly evaluation by this wonderful & compassionate doctor. I could go on with the good things I have seen but trying to keep this as short as possible.

Bottom line: It deeply saddens me that this frivolous and false accusation could rob or deny another daughter like me from finding a wonderful place for their mother.

Debra Briddle


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It's good that your mother has a caring place to be safe and mother also had a good facility - but I think it matters if people drop in at any time, because it assures better care. Since you and other family members do, the care will always be better.

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