Mr. Liebowitz's guest column on the truth about climate change is wrong.

The day before, I was listening to the Lars Larson radio show on which there was a gentlemen who had gone before Washington State to testify about climate change but what happened wasn't what they were prepared for. The gentlemen explained that the warmest decade ever recorded in the United States was the 1930s. NOAA's statement not long ago that 2016 was the warmest year on record was not true. In fact, during 2016 there were near record low days near the 90 degree mark.

Anyone remember the Tillamook forest fires that happened during the '30s. My father fought them and I have heard the stories on how dry it was for several years leading up to them and after. What we have been fed about climate change is simply not true. I think the people who write columns like Mr. Liebowitz go by what NOAA and the government agencies put out there.

The same gentleman explained to the Washington senate and showed them that NOAA and others have altered the numbers on how hot and cold it was at given times. They tried to shut the man up but there were enough people there that demanded the other side of the story and got it.

This can all be proven. All you have to do is take the time and do the research. Why would NOAA and some colleges alter the numbers? It is all about funding. Say what they want to hear and the money rolls in.

Pat Fitzgerald


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Charlie Possee
Charlie Possee

Yes, and I also think that those people that claim the earth is round have been duped too.

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