It is interesting to watch the global warming predictions evolve.

If the very first predictions were true, we would all be fried like an egg. If we were experiencing Al Gore’s theory, New York would be a water park. I am sure he made a pile of money with his prediction.

The reality of the scientist’s profession is if there is not hype associated to their study, they probably wouldn’t have a job. If there were no earthquakes to speculate earthquake predictions, they would be out of work. There has been plenty of speculation about what drives the research data.

With record lows in the eastern U.S. this winter it puts a certain amount of doubt in the catastrophic predictions. Many scientists have admitted to predicting data. Many scientists have admitted their data was influenced by what they call “climate left.” French geophysicist Claude Allegre, who once agreed with the warming theory, later called it a “political gimmick”

Allegre also stated “nothing has proven this the be man-made.” In 2009 there was such a thing called "Climategate" where emails from the Climatic Research Institute that were either hacked or leaked revealed that the upper echelon of the United Nations scientists were colluding with each other to suppress studies and data that did not support the carefully crafted narrative on global warming.

An interesting read would be a book by Marc Morano titled “Climate Change.” It is an eye-opener to climate change with references. Good read!

Bob Murray


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