Noticed that the "climate kids" up in "Anarchyville" have had their suit put on hold indefinitely.

Though I can't help but admire their determination, I can't help but think they are walking down the wrong road.

Is there a World Court? I know there is a European Court of Human Rights, and I think these young folks should be there filing charges against the third world countries — China, India and Russia come to mind — that are polluting the atmosphere a lot faster than the United States.

But probably if there is a World Court, these kids (and their lawyers) probably wouldn't make it past the front door.

I kind of wonder if this whole situation is simply put on, basically, so these kids can enhance their standing with their classmates and peers. Their lawyers can raise their fees 50 or 75 percent, because they represented the "Climate Kids" against the U.S. government.

One other thing — with all the scientific and technical knowledge in the U.S. today, you would think some way or means of burning coal without releasing pollutants could be found. Remember, this nation still has billions of tons of coal.

Steve Coons


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