Over the labor day weekend, my wife and I happened to discover the wonderful Fir Grove Water Park. We had heard about the park but had not taken the time to visit the site and explore the opportunities for our two young grandchildren who come from out of state for summer visits.

There were few children playing under the fountains that morning, but what stood out was a toddler playing nude. The child was likely between the ages of 3 and 4. Contrary to the instructions posted clearly in plain sight "swim diapers required for all children not toilet trained," the little boy gleefully played naked.

Please, don't misunderstand the reason for my discomfort. Early childhood nudity is not the issue of my concern. I worked internationally as an Early Childhood Specialist. At the American International Schools where I served, children of those early ages were not separated by gender for changing into swimwear at the schools' pool facilities.

My chagrin and disbelief was the blatant disregard and lack of respect that the attending parent had for the signage, as she sat idly by and watched the child proceed to urinate in the water. With delight and pleasure, this young toddler stood in the mist of cascading water being dropped from above and relieved himself.

Please, parents of Roseburg, you can do better than this. The water at the park is being recirculated. Common sense reveals this. It would not be difficult to follow the posted instructions. Children playing at the park do not need one another's urine being dumped on their heads.

David Neat


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