In response to the letter titled “Make bicyclists take responsibility” on Sunday by Wayne Medley:

As a child, Mr. Medley obviously never experienced the freedoms of riding a bicycle with friends. The distances covered, places explored and the camaraderie of riding with friends on the open road. As an adult these experiences are still felt but add the appreciation of what a spectacular piece of engineering the human body is to be able to walk, run and ride a bicycle. Science proves that people who exercise are less prone to depression, can to work through problems effectively and the rush of endorphins is better than any pharmaceutical drug. Furthermore, riding a bike to work or for pleasure has a zero carbon footprint, so we can leave a healthier planet for our children and grandchildren.

The Blue Zones Project-Umpqua is encouraging more people to ride a bike for health reasons and with the obesity and Type 2 Diabetes on the rise, riding a bike offers an opportunity for people to experience and enjoy exercise. More bike lanes would keep cyclists safer because it would ensure we are not competing for space on the roads in town — after all, bike riders are taxpayers too. It would decrease carbon emissions and looking forward, many people are seeking more efficient means of transportation for short-distance commuting because gas prices continue to rise and pay checks do not.

Mr. Medley is certainly entitled to his views and his irate anti-bike rhetoric. However, I would like to offer him the invitation to join my friends and I on a bike ride so that he can also enjoy the beautiful countryside of Roseburg andSutherlin from the saddle of a bicycle, as we peddle forward enjoying life and living healthy.

Stein Bulgogi


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