The timber industry is the driving wheel of the Douglas County economy, like it or not. Congressman Peter DeFazio has walked a fine line between the legitimate concerns of both the environmental and conservation communities, and our local timber industry.

This pleases none of us completely, but does satisfy enough of us that we have returned Mr. DeFazio to Washington D.C. for a generation.

The presidential election coming in November is, I believe, a critical moment in the history of this nation.

If Trump is reelected, the Democrats will likely remain in control of the House of Representatives and Congressman DeFazio will have a vital role as Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in shaping the environmental policies of President Trump’s second term.

If Joe Biden is elected president, there will be sweeping changes to undo the environmental policies of the previous administration; changes that will impact harvesting policies on federal forestland. Congressman DeFazio will be there to prevent harsh and short sighted restrictions.

The timber industry will not get everything they want but they will not be thrown under the bus either. Congressman DeFazio brings balance to the issue.

Electing Alex Scarlatos would be a big mistake for the timber industry. While he says the things they want to hear, he would have no power to get anything on the president’s desk for a signature. Congressman DeFazio can and has delivered to the timber industry. The smart vote for the Douglas County’s timber industry is to return Peter DeFazio to Congress.

Richard Chasm


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Defazio has been there too long - and has not accomplished much of anything - it's time for someone new!!!!

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