I an so proud of our Republican senators for walking out of the tyrannical power from the Democratic party over the cap and trade bill.

People need to stand up and protest all the hypocritical bills they are trying to shove down our throats.

Why not let the people vote on these bills? Because they know they won't pass, that's why.

The Democrats are totally out of control in Oregon. Its just one crazy bill after another. The two billion dollar tax on businesses for education wasn't enough. No, they want more money. This state will have no businesses left if they keep up their antics. Its a scary scenario. A California like state is upon us. Taxes, taxes, taxes. They also want a $2 additional tax on cigarettes and tobacco. I don't smoke, but its just more greed and another tax. Kate Brown needs to move to California, and give us a break.

Nancy Peters


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If Brown was a republican she'd get along famously with Trump.


This governor is one of the worst ever!!! She is ruining this state and your letter says a lot....thank you...

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