You know, I can't help wondering, when reading this public forum letter, just exactly what turnip truck the writer fell off of?

I wonder how she would explain our recent "snowpocolypse," when in-numerable trees up-rooted and in many cases, slid down the slope and into running streams?

I can show her at least a dozen places on my property where trees on a slope uprooted from the weight of the snow, broke loose completely and slid down the steep slope into the running stream!

In several places, the uprooted trees loosened enough soil, and combines with the heavy rain we had, started mud slides that — you guessed it — ended up in the streambed. In each case, I would estimate ten to twenty cubic yards of soil were in each "root-ball."

But at usual with the "brainwashed" enviros, the letter writer immediately attacked the timber owners, loggers, property owners, etc.

Maybe she should make a tour of the state and count the amount of trees and rootballs (with dirt attached) that ended up in the waters of the state.

You bet we will have "brown waters!" But it makes no sense to blame timber owners, loggers, ad infinitum!

Steven Coons


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