Regarding the proposed Home Rule Charter for Douglas County:

Now, I know the reason for the proposed phrase, “The sheriff enforces state and county law, except as determined otherwise by the board.”

The answer comes on the front page of The Oregonian dated Oct. 17, 2017, titled “City deprioritizes private property complaints.” Portland has decided to "back off enforcing rules against sleeping in vehicles or unpermitted tiny homes on private property…” (quoting from the article).

I am sympathetic to homeless persons, but there are shelters available, which provide room and board and constructive activities. There are also assistance programs to help with a fresh start toward employment and stability. In my experience, most persons who are homeless would rather not live in a shelter because of its rules and expectations of productive activity. Often, there is drug and alcohol abuse, which leaves a mess for others to clean up.

I have lived in a bunkhouse, slept in an igloo and slept in a sleeping bag in the mountains. I slept where I needed to sleep at the time, but I did not need to break any laws, and I picked up after myself.

If we choose the proposed Home Rule Charter, it will mean ignoring the laws and degradation of our pretty town.

Richard Turner


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