It was very brave of the N&R to publish an editorial about something that perhaps only 1,000 people in America are aware of, but then it was a rainy Thursday. Publishing an editorial from a Washington State newspaper has about as much credibility as rain in August. But, then that state depends on Boing for most of it's finances, so it's not surprising that it's an interest there, but not here.

It's time that big companies pay their own way rather then relying on the tax payers through the Ex-Im bank to protect their potential failings. Given the fact that the GEO says this program looses nearly a Billion a year then is it any wonder that this part of the swamp needs review?

I don't ride bicycles because I may fall and break my wrist, and I don't need the government using my money as huge corporations insurance agents either.

Time to abandon this archaic governmental program too.

Wayne Medley


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