John McCain is a good example of what's wrong with American politicians. He got a terminal cancer diagnosis over a year ago and didn't resign. He believed Arizona and America just couldn't function without his exalted presence. He missed critical votes and even turned on his local constituency by supporting Obamacare to spite President Trump. He is honored by the media in death for crossing the aisle. When was the last time a Democrat crossed the aisle? We should honor his military service, but even it is questionable.

McCain's grandiose, self-centered opinion of himself is exhibited by many politicians. Look locally at Rep. DeFazio. In a recent newsletter, he touts his accomplishments for the Veterans Administration. Come on Peter, you have served the 4th district since 1987 and haven't fixed the local Veterans Administration yet? You're letting the Umpqua National Forest leave over 1.5 billion board feet of burned timber to rot. That really helps our local timber industry. In private industry such incompetence would have been fired many years ago.

The founders never intended us to be held hostage by an elite political class. As informed voters we could easily get rid of these so called professional politicians. Oregon needs to wake up and step away from being a political backwater.

Mike Brown


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