Trump's 2020 campaign banners, signs, and hats were available at the Douglas County Fair, but the vendors were selling much more. A large, black banner on an outside wall had the letters LGBT: L for Liberty, G for guns, B for beer, and T for Trump. Inside the booth were Confederate flags, and, among others, a sign that said "Jesus, Guns, and Trump." Jesus and guns don't go together any better than George Washington's troops and airports.

I don't suppose vendors waste time where they don't expect to make money. I don't know if Douglas County invited them. I do know their message was offensive and racist. Continuing to glorify the Confederate flag, which represents support for the enslavement of millions of people, and hijacking and diminishing the initials of the LGBT movement, especially with the linking of guns and beer, promotes vile animosity--and there it was for sale along with the MAGA hats.

If I wee convinced that Trump's a compassionate, fair-minded, equal-rights kind of human being, I'd be embarrassed to see him marketed next to such trash. But it's impossible to reasonably accept Trump's denials of his own dehumanizing slurs against Muslims, blacks, gays, Hispanics, or that he isn't hosting a following of like-minded people. He's being sold alongside ugly propaganda because fools only have to go to one place to buy both.

Kay Lundquist


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