I am so proud of Oregonians who aren’t buying the latest colorful and expensive mailers from Jordan Cove LNG. “Safe,” say the mailers. Jordan Cove LNG is trying to force a pressurized gas pipeline through Oregon. The mailers arrived after a similar pipeline in British Columbia exploded and started a fire this month.

The most concerning case to me is the brand new 24-inch pressurized gas pipeline in Pennsylvania that had started transporting gas only a week before blowing up in September, and which was probably ruptured because of a landslide on the steep hill it was built on. Sounds a lot like the Oregon landscape. So, no, Jordan Cove, we’re not buying your “safe” branding.

“Respect Oregon,” say the mailers. Really? This feels like a slap in the face; Jordan Cove LNG has been trying for over a decade to get approval for eminent domain to run their explosive pipeline over me and my ranch in order to turn a profit by selling gas overseas. I wish that Jordan Cove would "Respect Oregon" enough to leave us alone so we could devote our attention back to our families and ranches.

The Canadian corporation backing Jordan Cove, Pembina, is trying to make this project, which was denied in 2016, look better by spending up to $10 million per month on mailers and ads, buying politicians and buying influence. Ever heard of Pablo Escobar? Behind the pretty photos of families enjoying the outdoors, I see a corporation desperate to turn a profit on their multi-million-dollar investment that isn’t going anywhere. The project still has no real permits to speak of, and final decisions are pending within the year. Time to throw Jordan Cove LNG in the waste bin next to the fancy flyers.

Bill Gow


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