My husband is on the Tenmile Rural Fire District board and has served since early 2000. I have been on the Budget Committee for over ten years. We have observed the dedication of the volunteers, board members and tremendous community support for the fire department. Our involvement includes overseeing the budget requests from the fire chief and department. There is a difference between a “want” and “need,” requiring a consensus by the board.

In my opinion, Ballot Measure 10-170 falls into the “need” category to have a full-time paid fire chief/paramedic. A paramedic receives 1200-1800 hours of training, can administer 30-40 medications, start intravenous lifelines, perform a 12-lead EKG monitoring and assessing cardiac function including pacing and perform cardio conversion, to name a few of their skills. Chief Travis Henderson has experience using these skills from working full-time for Bay City Ambulance. He has a Fire Service & Management Degree and certificate and Paramedic Degree having started his career in 2008. He will devote his full-time status to the departments many needs. Our community has grown, requests for medical, motor vehicle accidents and public assistance calls has increased dramatically since 2008 making up 78% of our calls.

Thank you to our past and present volunteers for their extraordinary dedication in making this fire department to what it is today since it began in 1962. Many of our current volunteers work full-time or have other commitments. We have a Tenmile and Olalla station.

Think carefully of the importance for a quick response time when you or your loved one has a medical emergency. Having a full-time fire chief and paramedic available to respond quickly falls into the “need” category.

As a retired nurse, I encourage you to vote yes for 10-170 to make this happen.

Colene Freadman


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