The book ”Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” is a compiled report by the The Northwest & Intermountain Power Producers Coalition on Scientific Consensus. The authors of this book are Craig D. Idso, who has a Ph.D. in climatology, Robert M. Carter Ph.D., a geologist, and S. Fred Singer Ph.D., a physicist. The Heartland Institute in Arlington Heights, Illinois, printed the second edition in 2016. If you consider yourself open-minded to the debate on this subject, I highly recommend reading it rather than accepting only one side of the debate.

The Green New Deal (GND) timeline of ten years — is it ambitious or just plain insanity? You choose.

Ban affordable energy. GND calls for the elimination of all fossil fuel energy.

Eliminate nuclear energy, one of the only productive affordable “clean” energy sources available to us. This would purge around 20% of American energy.

Eliminate 99% of cars. The GND would like to replace every “combustion engine vehicle”, or trucks, airplanes, boats, and 99% within 10 years, and charging stations will be built everywhere.

Gut and rebuild every building in America. To have every heating and cooling system ripped out and replaced.

Eliminate air travel.

The bill promises the U.S. government will provide every single American with a job that includes a family-sustaining wage, family and medical leave, vacations and a pension.

GND promises free college or trade schools for every American.

A government-controlled diet which will provide healthy food to all Americans. GND promises the government will provide, “safe, affordable, adequate housing” for every American citizen. For a bonus, there will be a ban on meat, so sorry for all of you who like meat.

Money, power and control are what socialism is all about. Socialism is a back door to slavery.

Gary Oilar


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