It is written in Genesis 5:2, “Male and female created he them.” For most, it is just that simple. However, for many it is not.

God himself is in on this little trick, for while XY and XX created he them, also XXY (Klinefelter’s Syndrome), XXX (Triple X Syndrome), Xo (Turner’s Syndrome) and XYY (XYY Syndrome) created he them. God also created the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome that results in a beautiful female body with male XY chromosomes.

In God’s Guevedoces Syndrome, abnormalities in the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme prevents complete sexual differentiation of the genitals until puberty, when the abundance of testosterone furthers the process. Another one of God’s tricks is to make sexual differentiation of the genitals and the brain occur at different times.

While human genitals sexually differentiate in utero at about 2 months gestation, the sexually dimorphic nucleus of the human brain differentiates several months later. It is sexual differentiation of the brain that leads an individual to identify as a male or female and to seek out males or females as sexual partners.

Most people have matching sexual differentiation of genitals and the brain. However, since these events occur at different times in fetal development, they do not always match. This is part of what produces the relatively rare phenomenon of transgender.

This is not a choice. Who would choose this struggle? While some try their best to simplify the world, e.g., “boys are boys and girls are girls,” God always mixes things up a bit. This makes life interesting.

Unfortunately, the childish notion that God’s design is narrow-minded and simple is too often used by the narrow-minded and simple to hurt the innocent.

Scott Mendelson


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