Kudos to The News-Review for their diligence in the pursuit of more transparency from our county government. Its legal inquiry into the county's violation of the opening meetings law, which resulted in the Board of Commissioners shutting down our libraries, was a confirmation of many residents' suspicions.

Now that the county has decided to mend its ways and hold two extra meetings per week, one has to wonder if the commissioners will use this new attempt at transparency to revisit their decision to shut down the libraries as well as previous decisions made in violation of the open meetings law? Perhaps, they could also decide to change the Monday meeting to the evening for greater community involvement. Also, one has to wonder why the county's legal counsel had to apologize for the misunderstanding of the open meetings law.

According to the county's 2016-2017 budget, the county counsel earns $104,437 per year plus receives $1,365 per month in medical and dental benefits. An additional 23.25 to 32.48 percent of his salary is added to his PERS fund. With this type of salary for a county that is "broke," there should be no misunderstanding of any law. Combine this salary and benefits with those of the county commissioners and one has to wonder if our hard earned tax dollars are being well spent.

John Hunter


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Dear John I think the main reason the county commissioners are closing the libraries it because the people said no to more/new taxes.

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