Recently, a gentleman from the Global Warming Coalition had an extremely well written op-ed in this paper.

Unfortunately, his "facts" are just a litany of propaganda and fraudulent science by the environmental lobby and reported by their friends, the fake news media.

It's hard to believe the once proud state of Oregon has been brought to this point by the socialist (i.e. Democrat) party and the deluded environmentalists. The cap and trade bill would put the final nail in the coffin for Oregon industry.

The so called "green energy" movement is all smoke and mirrors. It does not work on any large scale. According to a meeting I attended, presently, here in Bonneville Power country we derive less than .5% of our power from "green energy" — hydro, somehow, is not under that term of renewable energy. To pretend the grid could ever run on wind or solar is preposterous and if we had a real news media it would be pointed out.

We should be building more dams (real clean energy) and quit spilling water for the sole purpose of raising more salmon for the seals and sea lions to eat. We should also invest in clean carbon-based technology to produce energy.

Did you know that we Bonneville Power users spend over a billion dollars per year on salmon mitigation? Spilling all that precious water, all to no avail.

Virgil Fullbright


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The only way to power a grid for everyone to have a "green" car to drive, will be lots and lots of nuclear plants.....

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