In less than four short weeks, Oregonians will have the opportunity — or rather a duty — to vote in the midterm elections. Locally, the race for state senate district is of particular concern to me.

The incumbent Republican candidate Dallas Heard is unwilling to debate his challenger Shannon Souza. I have searched the web for a single reason for this refusal and come up with nothing. What I did discover though was some very disturbing revelations concerning Mr. Heard.

It seems that in a 2009 interview (Register-Guard, Feb. 27, 2018) Mr. Heard stated: “It’s been my experience in life that I have a lot more confidence and a lot more comfort under strong, honest, dedicated male leadership, male person in leadership rather than the flip side there.” To be fair, later in the story he admits that what he said “sounds terrible.” However, having read the entire story, I must say that Mr. Heard’s apparent contrition actually sounds more like disingenuous political posturing.

If indeed Mr. Heard has since gained actual respect for women, why has he not agreed to debate Ms. Souza? It is for this reason, as well as my support for her policy positions, that I will vote without fail for Shannon Souza in the upcoming election. Not only will I vote for her, but I would also gladly be mentored by her.

Patrick Coulson


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