My family lives on North View Drive, which is the residential street that Highway 99 is being re-routed through. This is preposterous. Traffic through these streets has reached untenable levels. This traffic management decision has turned our street into an anthill. This poor planning decision is causing safety issues. We are seeing full-size semi trucks go through. We regularly see people exceeding 40 mph through here. Many of these people are texting. The people of this street have complained for years about speeding, and it has fallen completely on deaf ears.

There is no way officials could not see this coming, as they did this a couple years ago and it was a nightmare. North View has been a racetrack for speeding drivers that officials and authorities do not care about. Currently, that racetrack has hundreds more cars per day than normal. The Taft-North View-Strauss connection needs to be closed immediately to through traffic.This is a 1.5 lane residential street with no sidewalks, no street lines and no street lights. There are houses being built on the road, further constricting room. More signage and traffic counters will not help. Sheriffs will not stop the incredible amount of traffic. Move the barricades that are just past Taft to just before it. Put in speed humps like with NW Keasey Street during the NW Stewart Parkway construction project. Utilize speed boxes with camera traps. In the 30 minutes I have spent writing this, at least 50 cars have went by that were easily exceeding 25 mph. How much in fines is that?

People of Southern Oregon complain that the state government in Salem does not listen to or care about us. Well, here is our local government not listening or caring for a long time about this street, and now it is coming to a head.

Toby Cannon


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