Currently, we have three commissioners, a mayor and sheriff elected by We the People, and we have the choice to keep them on the job or replace them by voting process.

In contrast, the Home Rule implants (we don’t know who they are) want to bring a dictator type administrator, not elected by the people, and who cannot be voted out.

Think if we want to vote or not to vote for our local government.

It is my opinion, and I will vote “no” to Home Rule.

Michelle Rickard


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Interesting. The city may have a mayor, but he has no power. The unelected city administrator has the power. The sheriff ran unopposed and has ran unopposed for at least two elections. Not quite the "we the people" situation you assert.


It is sometimes just overwhelming how uninformed and uneducated people are. Opinions are _________, just fill in the blank.


Do you honestly think that people care enough to research a candidate? Many folks just vote for the name they are most familiar with. They are too "busy" to look further.

Charlie Possee

I'm not sure that the privilege of voting works anymore. We voted for a "dictator type" when we elected Donald Trump. And we can't vote him out, that'll be up to Congress. I'll trust that whoever the new commissioners might be, they will appoint a decent city manager who is not a dictator and who will be removed by the commissioners whenever he or she starts acting like a dictator. I don't trust our collective voting intelligence anymore.

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